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We are blessed to have many talented musicians and singers at Southside MBC!  We hope you are encouraged by these selections.

“He’s Been Faithful”
Sung by: Brother Tim Spurgeon, Brother Andrew Horton, Brother Tom Patterson, Brother Brian Shive

He’s Been Faithful


“Your Cries Have Awoken The Master”
Sung by: Sister Sandy Cooper, Sister Lauren Shive, Sister Celeste Shive, Brother Brian Shive

Your Cries Have Awoken The Master


“Shelter of Grace”
Sung by: Sister Lindsy Horton, Sister Lauren Shive, Brother Andrew Horton, and Brother Hayden Patterson

Shelter of Grace


“Didn’t I Walk On The Water”
Sung by: Brother Andrew Horton

Didn’t I Walk On The Water


“You Are Good”
Sung by: Sister Celeste Shive and Sister Laura Hood

You Are Good