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Our History

Southside Missionary Baptist Church was originally the Oliver Missionary Baptist Mission. The mission was organized out of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. In November 1959, Oliver Missionary Baptist Mission met and voted to organize into a church on December 11, 1959.

On December 11, 1959, the mission was organized into a church, and changed the name to Westside Missionary Baptist Church. There were 26 charter members. Elder C.D. Williams was elected to be the first pastor of the church. In September 1960, the church made a motion to sell their current building, and in March of 1961, a committee reported on buying a new building. At that time, the church name was changed to Southside Missionary Baptist Church.

In December 1961, Elder C.D. Williams resigned from the position of pastor, and Elder Murl Ellis was elected to be his replacement. Elder Ellis served as the church’s pastor until September 1966. In October 1966, Elder William Shoulders was elected to the office of pastor. This was his first call for pastor.

In July 1970, the Whiteland Mission, which was started out of Southside Missionary Baptist Church, was organized into Whiteland Missionary Baptist Church, located in Whiteland, IN.

Elder William Shoulders resigned from pastor of Southside in February 1974 and Elder James Jones was elected pastor. In March of the following year, Elder Jones resigned. Elder Hugh Hudson was elected pastor in April 1975 and served until June 1978, when he resigned. The next pastor of Southside was Elder Marvin Emberton, and he was elected in June 1978. Elder Emberton preached the word to Southside until March 1983, when he resigned. Seven months later, Elder Paul Roy was elected pastor. Elder Roy served as Southside’s pastor until November 1987. At that time, Elder Jerry Patterson was elected to the position of pastor. In August 1991, Elder Patterson resigned and Elder Larry Taylor was elected pastor. Elder Taylor served Southside until he went home to be with the Lord in October 1994. Elder Don Watts was elected pastor in February 1995. In February 2007, Elder Watts resigned. On Sunday evening February 25, 2007, Elder Aaron Hood was nominated to be Southside’s pastor. On Sunday morning March 4, 2007, Elder Hood stood and informed the church that he would accept the call to pastor Southside Missionary Baptist Church. In December of 2012, Aaron Hood gave his resignation to the Church.

In late 2013, Bro. Andrew Horton was elected as the new Pastor of Southside, this was his first call for Pastor. Bro. Horton was ordained into the full work of the Ministry by Southside on Janurary, 18 2014. Elder Andrew Horton is the current Pastor of Southside Missionary Baptist Church. Currently, we know that Papua New Guinea missionaries are suffering from travel woes and we want our church to be able to help all of those people.

Pastor Terms :

C.D. Williams                             1959-61

Murl Ellis                                   1961-66

William Shoulders                      1966-74

James Jones                              1974-75

Hugh Hudson                            1975-78

Marvin Emberton                       1978-83

Paul Roy                                    1983- 87

Jerry Patterson                          1987-91

Larry Taylor                               1991-94

Don Watts                                 1995-2007

Aaron Hood                               2007- 2012

Andrew Horton                          2013 – Present